Naturefriends International (NFI)

Founded in Vienna (Austria) in 1895 Naturefriends International today has member organisations in 45 countries, altogether representing more than 500.000 individual members.

Naturefriends are both a social and environmental organisation, working for Sustainable Development. Special expertise lies in Sustainable Tourism and Regional Development and NFI advices regional and national governments, environmental agencies, the European Commission and the World Tourism Organisation in strategic approaches and implementation of Sustainable Development and Sustainable Tourism. Furthermore NFI has a long experience in concrete tourism development projects and training measure for different stakeholders in Europe, Asia and Africa.

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Pro NGO!

logo Pro NGO!


Many projects organised by NGOs begin with good ideas and much enthusiasm and achieve successful results.

Project definition and implementation, however, often lack professional scope and efficiency.

Pro NGO! has been working to overcome this since 1998.


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Public Fund "Coordinating and Marketing Center "Daairy"

According to the design of the Asian Development Bank Project "Improving Livelihood of Rural Women through Development of Handicraft Industry" (ОАЗК9104) which was implemented from May 2007 to August 2010 in accordance with the Component B "Creation of Coordinating and Marketing Center" it was registered Public Fund "Coordinating and Marketing Center" (by the decision of the General Meeting of Founders). PF "CMC "Daairy" is a voluntary non-commercial organization making its activity at self-management and voluntariness principles.

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Central Asian Corporate Technologies Center (CTC) is a non-profitable organization, established in 1999 and located in the Kyrgyz Republic.

The main objectives of Corporate Technologies Center are:

  • Research and analysis in the field of education, IT, social and economical sectors in Central Asia
  • Provision of training programs and conferences on above-mentioned issues
  • Involvement in poverty alleviation process and reforming of various sectors of the Kyrgyz Republic
  • Involvement in civil process of the country

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Training and Informational Centers

Название ремесленного кооператива / Name Руководитель / Head Местоположение / Location Контакты / Contacts
1 "Жаныланды" /
Арстанова Мыскал / Arstanova Myskal Ошская обл., Узгенский р-н, с. Корул /
Osh region, Uzgen district, Korul village
2 "Алай уз" /
"Alai uz"
Ташиева Гулумкан / Tashieva Gulumkan Ошская обл., Алайский р-н, с.Сопу коргон /
Osg region, Alai district, Sopu korgon village
3 "Ак Шуру" /
"Ak Shuru"
Алышбаева Клара / Alyshbaeva Klara Иссыккульская обл., Тюпский р-н, с. Тюп /
Yssyk Kul region, Tuyp destrict, Tuyp village
4 "Закым Ат башы" /
"Zakym At bashy"
Сакеналиева Зумрат / Sakenalieva Zumrat Нарынская обл., Атбашынский р-н, с. Ат-башы /
Naryn region, At Bashy district, At Bashy village
5 “Ай бийке” / "Ai – Biyke" Эргешева Ибадат / Ergesheva Ibadat Таласская обл., г. Талас /
Talas region, Talas city