Central Asian Corporate Technologies Center (CTC) is a non-profitable organization, established in 1999 and located in the Kyrgyz Republic.

The main objectives of Corporate Technologies Center are:

  • Research and analysis in the field of education, IT, social and economical sectors in Central Asia
  • Provision of training programs and conferences on above-mentioned issues
  • Involvement in poverty alleviation process and reforming of various sectors of the Kyrgyz Republic
  • Involvement in civil process of the country

Information Dissemination for Country Development: CTC established the network of Information dissemination Centers, which can disseminate information at the national level. UN/EEC decided to open the first pilot Information Dissemination Center in Bishkek jointly and on the basis of CTC.

Micro-crediting and poverty reduction: CTC with assistance of World Bank, UNDP, USAID, ADB and Kyrgyz Government data developed ''Poverty Overview'' in the Kyrgyz Republic and defined the potential market on microcrediting, which is the basis for development of poverty alleviation in the country.

Research and analysis: Social economic changes in the transition economies, as Kyrgyzstan is, lead to focus CTC on conduction of different research and analysis. SPECIAL STUDY ON TOURISM SECTOR DEVELOPMENT IN KYRGYZSTAN: within the framework of the World Bank project CTC initiated a Special Study on Tourism Sector Development in the Kyrgyz Republic in 2005.

Development of the information technologies and Internet: In December 2006 CTC took part in organization of the series of international conferences Internet Business Tour. The companies ready for diversification of their activities with use of internet participated the conferences.

Development of public relations: CTC has implemented the project ''Corporate Conversation'' and on this basis developed series of TV programs devoted to the problems of economic development in Kyrgyzstan.

Education system development: In consortium with the international Consultancy Company SEMA, BELGIUM has started implementation of the ADB regional project ''Subregional co-operation in Managing Education Reforms''. (2004-2006) The general aim of the TA is to share experience in the education reforms process of the six participating countries of the region by promoting sub regional cooperation at the policy level.

Human rights: 2002 - 2008. CTC jointly with Gustav-Stresemann-Institut e.V. (GSI) (Germany), in the frame of European Initiative for Democracy and Human Rights Programme, has developed two phases of "Informational campaign for Central Asian countries Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan".