Public Fund "Coordinating and Marketing Center "Daairy"

According to the design of the Asian Development Bank Project "Improving Livelihood of Rural Women through Development of Handicraft Industry" (ОАЗК9104) which was implemented from May 2007 to August 2010 in accordance with the Component B "Creation of Coordinating and Marketing Center" it was registered Public Fund "Coordinating and Marketing Center" (by the decision of the General Meeting of Founders). PF "CMC "Daairy" is a voluntary non-commercial organization making its activity at self-management and voluntariness principles.

Managers of all 30 rural craft cooperatives created at the beginning of implementation of the above mentioned Project are founders.

These cooperatives are located in remote regions of the Republic where poverty level over 50% in Naryn, Issyk-Kul, Talas, Osh, Jalal-Abad and Batken oblasts. 30 cooperatives present a partner network in which 1050 people work, up to 6000 people of home work are involved in producing process.

At present the cooperatives provide paid services to the population, accept orders from the population to produce craft goods. Their activity is directed on production of craft goods such as felt products (clothes, slippers, souvenirs, accessories for cars, mobile phones, laptops, iPads, souvenirs), nap and sleek-haired carpets, embroidery, patchwork (souvenirs for interior).

The processing and electric equipment, generators for an uninterrupted power, solar power plants, computer and office equipment were supplied for cooperatives in the amount over US $800 000.

In order to improve quality of products, expand the assortment of craft products, diversify craft production, 200 master classes were conducted in the total amount over US $190 000. Production premises were repaired in the total amount of US $345 200.

Production premises were repaired in the total amount of US $345 200.

It was created the shop of rural craftswomen where craft production is exposed.

In July 2010, the PF nominated Mrs. A. Abazova - the head of "Kylym Murasy" cooperative, Jalal-Abad oblast in the USA on ACCELS program "The Open World — 2010" of the USA Congress for the subject "Women-Leaders-Entrepreneurs".

It was created the partnership on trade development in the frame of the Round table of the UNDP project "Big Europe: assistance in trade of the Central Asia, South Caucasus and the western CIS countries" (November 2010).

From January 2012 to June 2012 it was implemented close cooperation with the USAID project on local development and creation of Tourist informational center in Bishkek and Balykchi (Issyk-Kul oblast). The budget was US $31 000.

Since January 2012 it is implementing the joint activity on promotion of “Daairy” craft production shop together with JICA project "One village is one product".

PF "CMC "Daairy" took part in the workshop on planning of the GIZ Project "Support of Stability and Transformation of Conflicts in the south of Kyrgyzstan" on implementation of specific goals and tasks (March 2012). The budget was EURO 1,5 million. Five southern craft cooperatives of PF "Daairy" were included as beneficiaries into this project.

Since 2008 till now PF "CMC "Daairy" is a partner in conducting of "Oimo" annual international craft festival.

PF "CMC "Daairy" took part in development of the Asian Development Bank Project on support of women-entrepreneurs regarding micro crediting where it is foreseen to conduct consulting services for rural women through the PF.

At present the EU Project "Increasing employment in rural areas through tourism development" is implementing.

PF "CMC "Daairy" participated in the international craft fairs “Jar Ptitza” (Moscow 2011, Delhi, IHTF 2012).

Purpose of PF "CMC "Daairy" is:

  • to increase sale volume of craft goods of cooperatives;
  • to improve production quality and bring in certain standards of their production;
  • to expand sale markets by creation of trade relations in the republic and abroad.

Tasks of PF "CMC "Daairy" are:

  • to create a network of craft groups around the republic;
  • to study opportunities of the existing sale markets, expand market, support craftsmen in exist to internal and external markets;
  • to create trade relations at internal and external markets;
  • to support craftsmen in improving quality of their production;
  • to support in institutional development of craft groups;
  • to support in access of craft groups to financial resources;
  • financial and technical support of “Daairy” art-saloon on sale of craft production of cooperatives.

PF "CMC "Daairy" is located in the premises which has been provided by the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic in the frame of the above mentioned ADB project with the total square of 200 m2 for the period of 10 years.