Naturefriends International (NFI)

Founded in Vienna (Austria) in 1895 Naturefriends International today has member organisations in 45 countries, altogether representing more than 500.000 individual members.

Naturefriends are both a social and environmental organisation, working for Sustainable Development. Special expertise lies in Sustainable Tourism and Regional Development and NFI advices regional and national governments, environmental agencies, the European Commission and the World Tourism Organisation in strategic approaches and implementation of Sustainable Development and Sustainable Tourism. Furthermore NFI has a long experience in concrete tourism development projects and training measure for different stakeholders in Europe, Asia and Africa.

NFI is member of the Green 10, the platform of large European environmental NGOs, observer in the ICPDR (Int. Commission for the Protection of the Danube) and the UNFCCC. During the last years NFI was intensively engaged in sustainable development issues in the Danube basin and the Danube Delta especially.